September 2018  
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Strong Men International
Leader: Kola EMiola


The male holds the key to the nations...

The male holds the key to family life...

Where the father lead the sons goes...

As the male goes the family, community, country and the nations follows...

When a man decides to be a man, the family, society, nations are happy and strong...

The 'Strong Men International' ministry has been launched with a mandate to help realize and release the men in our community to fulfill the leadership assignment that God has given them. This ministry exists to recruit, equip and release an army of Godly men who are committed to Kingdom principles and passionate about impacting their families, neighbours and communities - and invading the nations with God's Kingdom principles - until our homes, nation and world becomes that of Christ and our God
We will be pursuing this goal of reaching out and discipling all the men among us, to be all that God wants us to be, through seminars, conferences, retreats as well as special teaching/discipleship sessions and mentoring.
If you want to really BE A MAN in God's Kingdom, then contact us TODAY